May 30 - June 16: Andrea Gordon, Susan Hazaleus & Tracey Russell

Opening Reception: Friday, May 31, 5-9 pm


“Balls to the Wall...and octopus” is Andrea Gordon’s most recent body of ceramic and paper mache work exploring the experience of her vibrant, reticulating paintings in 3D. The ceramic balls vary in every aspect – size, clay body, surface treatment, firing method and mode of display. The form of an octopus was an accidental discovery as a perfect conduit for exploring 3D painting and surface treatments. Working in these varied mediums embraces the unknown and is completely open to the new, to failure, to learning, and to happy accidents.


Susan Hazaleus’ Electronic and digital artworks reflect childhood memories of sailing flimsy homemade boats in ditches, wading in squishy reed-filled ponds and watching sparkling water gush through irrigation division boxes.


Paintings by Tracey Russell

In the Annex - Scott Hawn

mohawk2 low res.jpg

I am captivated by natural and human forms, and the way that a sculpture can speak to us. My art is the process of taking the attributes of a natural or found object, distill and present the various aspects of each, revealing an unexpected beauty in a previously unseen way.