February 14 - March 3, 2019: Rita Bhasin, David Dunbar, Carrie Makenna, Sandy Marvin & Bev Ruiz

Opening Reception: Friday, February 15, 6 - 9 pm


Rita Bhasin

Rita Bhasin's paintings express the tactile, bold and colorful quality of her love for the outdoors, ancient cultures and natural materials. She brings to life the quotidian, letting us pause and experience the textures of each moment. 


David Dunbar

I am interested in making art that is borne of one single uninterrupted line which never crosses overs itself and has a clear beginning but a very inconspicuous ending.


Carrie MaKenna - Enter the Universal Circle

This interactive art installation and exhibit by artist Carrie MaKenna explores The Universal Circle through painting, sculpture and play. It’s a culmination of 30 years of interest, study, practice and teaching about the Circle as a unique Universal Pattern and Spiritual Resource.

The Circle is found at the center of many spiritual traditions including the Native American Indian Medicine Wheel, the Celtic Stone Circles, the Buddhist Tangkas and Hindu Mandalas among countless others. The Artist has also had a deep life-long interest in Space, the Solar System and the intricate cycles of the Sun, Earth and Moon that define our life on planet Earth.

 “We live moment to moment within the influence of The Universal Circle,” says MaKenna. “The Circle is a key form that surrounds and supports us here on Earth. Whether we are aware of it or not, The Universal Circle encompasses our daily lives. It is the basis of the Cycles of Time. We experience the Circle through the cycles of a minute, an hour, a day, month, year, decade, a lifetime. These are marked by the rotation and orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth.”


Sandy Marvin

Sandy Marvin is a contemporary realist painter who enjoys painting with pastel plus dashes of other media in the mix. She paints primarily from life; plein air or still life.


Bev Ruiz - Vivid

Capturing the essence of the beauty around me and the colors in moments of reflection.”

Bev Ruiz is a Colorado based artist who began painting with oil as a creative outlet.  Growing up in the Southwest and throughout her travels, her inspiration comes from observing what is not always noticed. 

Her art reflects the bold and vivid colors she sees in nature and everyday life.  Primarily a studio painter, she shares her artistic expression thru imaginative layers of bold colors, textures, and brush strokes. “I have to continually evolve each painting thru many layers to create the right sensation”.