August 23 - September 9, 2018: Jude Barton & Brian Haley

Opening Reception:  August 24th, 7 – 10 PM 

Live Gypsy Jazz music featuring the Aaron Walker Trio


Meditation on the Square ~ Jude Barton

Jude Barton’s work explores the form and function of line, shape and space; creating a certain uncluttered calm and freedom within her structuring of fragmented and blurred iconic images. Her uninhibited wanderings towards creative vision and away from annihilation strive to bring reason and structure within chaos and clutter.

“There is an organic process of thought and intention within each line and shape – an interactive conversation that moves my mark making.” Barton’s blending of each element’s shadows and shades contain nuances of serenity and freedom, yet are quietly focused and ordered. Reception: Aug. 24th 7-10pm


Contemporary Wood & Steel ~ Brian Haley

Primarily exhibiting on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM, Brian Haley explores the synergies and contrasts between clean rolled steel and distressed wood, Haley works to assimilate the disparities between century old hand salvaged mine wood and mid-century modern design characteristics to create one of a kind tables, chairs, and wall art. 

In the Annex - Leslie Jorgensen


Hikes & Bikes

Opening Reception: Friday, August 24 6-9pm

Show runs Aug 23 - Sept 9

With Coloradans often ranked the most active in the nation, it’s no wonder so many of its residents are enjoying the Rocky Mountains in every way possible. We hike to amazing places to ski. We bike scenic byways and mountain trails. Simply put, we love our outdoors. Artist Leslie Jorgensen travels across the Rocky Mountains and the West skiing, hiking and biking along the way. She paints the landscapes she visits and our outdoor activities within it. Her landscapes are abstracted and playful. Join us as we close out the summer season with this fun show that runs through Sunday, Sept 9.