May 10 - 27 All That You Can Imagine - Mixed Media Show

Opening Reception:  May 11, 6-9 pm

A painting, a drawing, a sculpture... NO! It’s mixed media! It’s all of those things and more. Showcasing endeavors in assemblage, mixed media paintings, collage, sculpture and all that you can imagine. 

Mixed media.jpg

Juror: Suzette Rosenthal

Suzette Rosenthal is a mixed media artist living and working in Broomfield, Colorado. She received her BA in Art from Cal State LA and is a recent transplant from Laguna Beach California.  While living in California, she exhibited for ten years at the prestigious Laguna Beach Sawdust festival and taught classes and workshops in mixed media. She has contributed instructional chapters to two publications available on Amazon:  “101 Mixed Media Techniques” (2014) and “Mixed Media Workshop” (2012)     Suzette continues to teach mixed media classes and workshops from her home studio in Broomfield and serves on the board of the Broomfield Art Guild.

Her work is unique and visually compelling. She is drawn to textures and likes to experiment with incorporating found objects and upcycled materials to create visual interest. Taking the cast-off objects of others and bringing new life and meaning to it is a driving force behind her inspiration.

This past year, Suzette has curated two shows at the Bricolage Gallery inside Art Parts in Boulder Colorado: “It’s a Small World – Miniature and Mail Art” and “Reused Refuge”

In the Annex - Victoria Kwasinski & Joyce Nielsen

Opening Reception:  Friday, May 18, 6-9 pm


“Dazzle & Jazz” features artists Victoria Kwasinski and Joyce Nielsen who take an intuitive approach to abstract painting, using color and structure in variegated and expressive ways. Victoria explores energy, rhythm and movement as unspoken dialogue with the viewer and Joyce examines the aspects that different mediums in contemporary art and how that process can both hint at fun and whimsy while conveying seriousness.