April 19 - May 6: Lori Dresner, Ketty Devieux & Susan Hazaleus

Opening Reception:  Thursday, April 19, 6-9 pm

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Between the Lines - Lori Dresner

Repetitive patterns have been the focus of my sculptures and pottery.  But recently, intrigued with imagery and storytelling, I find myself moving in the direction of drawing on vessels; their forms like a blank canvas with shape.  Influenced by ever-changing events in the world; floods, fires, mudslides and colorful politics, while not favorite subjects, are sometimes reflected in my drawings which are a delicate balance of fantasy and reality.


Feeling Blue - Ketty Devieux

“Feeling blue” is a collection of blue artworks created by Ketty Devieux over the past 10 years on canvas, paper and textile. The versatility of hues of blue to express, by means of different techniques, a wide variety of emotions (longing, nostalgia, loss, exuberance, serenity, trust etc.) as well as spiritual aspirations of the soul, and dreamlike fantasies, is made evident.  It’s a journey through memory and consciousness.


Silicon Shrine - Susan Hazaleus

Celebrate your devotion to your electronic devices through a visit to the Silicon Shrine.  A glittering installation where you can experience the power and voice of the great god Si, pray for intercession to repair your failing operating system and purchase actual relics from the first cosmic explosion which created our binary universe. 

In the Annex - Super Predators - Liebre+Ferry


Opening reception Friday, April 20, 6-9pm

Photography reimagined, digitally scratched and gesturally designed, unbounded pieces and sculptures evoking nature. Complemented by precise geometric paintings projecting playfully colorful daydreams of strength and erupting violence. Viewers will encounter an adult-themed take on cartoonish characters mixed with geometric robots and rabbits along with delightful provocations of traditional norms. This colorful collaboration between these two friends poses the question who is predator and who is prey.