Emmanuelle Auzias & Jen Herling: March 29 - April 15, 2018

Opening Reception: March 30, 6-9 pm

Turquoise Variations - Emmanuelle Auzias

Emmanuelle Auzias explores turquoise, a color that intuitively finds its way into her abstracts and associated in several cultures as therapeutic in its protective properties and helpful in reconciling grief with positive mothering and controlled nurturing. Green relates to the heart chakra and blue to the voice which aptly fits this powerfully emotive work that is a genuine conversation about personal emotions and observations. Additionally, Emmanuelle shares her latest mixed-media collages inspired by traditional French free-speech satirical comments on current events. 


Savage Calm - Jen Herling

Jen Herling’s doll like figures and portraits tell enigmatic and emotive stories. Her work evokes magical dreamscapes depicting a flair for innocence with a dark twist. “Savage Calm” consists of new work highlighting a slight shift towards realism, including a deepening understanding of space, light, and color. Woven throughout her exhibit are themes of surrender, perseverance, and spirituality. 


In the Annex - Lisa Purdy

Ms. Purdy’s pieces for this exhibit are made from water-based oils on watercolor paper.  She interweaves bold uses of color and lines to create an almost three dimensional quality. These smaller scale works represent a new style for Lisa in comparison to her large-scale abstract oils for which she is well known. Award winning Ms. Purdy has been juried into numerous exhibits around the state, including the State Capitol, Denver International Airport, and the Botanic Gardens.

COREAnnex-Lisa Purdy.jpg