Jeanette Chinelli & Terrilynn Moore: February 15 - March 4

CORE New Art Space presents two solo shows in the main gallery February 15  – March 4

Opening Reception:  February 16, 6-8


This new body of work by Jeanette Chinelli titled "Arms Backs Legs & Seats", moves from quiet, understated restrained imagery to explosive, dynamic compositions.  From dense interplay of pattern, vivid color and wallpaper motifs they become the backdrop for the subjects in Chinelli’s art where the chair is the stand in for the human form. Chinelli is currently attending the University of Denver working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Core Gallery Terrilynn moore working from the guff.jpg

Terrilynn Moore’s organic, soul searching compositions,  “Working from the Guff”. She draws from the ancient spiritual meaning of the word “Guf” or “Guph” as that creative, amorphous space inside each of us where art begins; that place where souls are quickened into being.  “For me, the Guf is that internal space full of wonder and fear; hope and despair; goodness and evil.