December 6 - 23, 2018: Judy Horowitz & Susie Biehl

Opening Reception: Friday, December 14th, 6:00 pm


Judy Horowitz - Nouns: People, Places & Things

“People” always fascinate me, how they project themselves. The clothes, body language, tattoos all the little components that can tell you something about them if you care to look.  “Places” are Mountains & Tropics representing my old & new homes.  “Dogs” so much a part of my life, a constant companion.  Fulfilling the same role within the various paintings.  My paintings tell a story, the old man with the dog was to honor WWII vets; the tattoos are vintage representations of that period. The three blondes took a trip to France and the identical twins while identical in face one has flowers tattooed on her arm and the other has flowers on her dress. The “Mountains & Tropics” contrasts in beauty, the drawings are a flatlander’s interpretation of driving around Colorado. The scale, the roads and the landscape views continue to .astonish me. The paintings of the tropics are lush and colorful.


Susie Biehl
This is a collection of work created by integrating the textures, shapes and colors of recycled materials to form art that is imaginative, tactile and uniquely original.

In the Annex - Kat Payge


Personal Mythology - Opening Reception 12/14, 6-9 pm

Paintings by Kat Payge are multi-faceted; each layer having it’s effect on the final creation. Sometimes the brush stroke is very intentional, other times less evident, yet the outcome makes a profound statement. The paintings in Personal Mythology tell a story. It may not be the whole story or the accurate story but these are the things that explain how I came to be who I am and my place in the world today.