To usher in Core Art Space's new move to 40 West Arts District, the gallery will host the ever popular community WOW Show (Wide Open Whatever) for their grand opening on Friday, August 2nd.  This is also the 40 West Art Crawl and refreshments will be served.


All visual art genres accepted 

Emerging and established artists welcome!

$10 entry per piece/ No limit to number of entries! 

2-D work must be no bigger than 5' x 5' and include hanging device

No sawtooth hangers

The show will hang salon style

Core retains 30% commission on works sold; artwork does NOT have to be for sale.

Work can be dropped off between July 12th-July 28th at Core Art Space, 6851 W. Colfax Ave

Hours to drop off: Friday, 5-10pm, Saturday & Sunday, 12-5pm

For more information:

please visit  

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The WOW show is back and is going to be our first official show and celebration in the new location! Please see the call for entries page for more information.

This month we are crazy busy getting our new space spiffed up and ready for our Grand Opening and first show Aug 2; the infamous First Friday Aug 40W art crawl . Wow what a lot of crazy work ahead for the next month stay tuned for photo updates on our instagram and facebook site for progress pictures. We will also be showing members work along with WOW.

Our new location is the Pasternack Art Hub, 6851 W Colfax, Lakewood, in the heart of the 40W Art District. We art very excited to be in the middle of building this new and dynamic art district. Meow Wolf will be just a hop skip and a jump east of us on W Colfax, so much is happening it’s almost too hard to take it all in!

We are excited to share our new space with all our loyal patrons and fans, so please come see us!


Core is picking up it’s collective fanny and moving over to 40W, a great new art district in Lakewood where all the totally awesome co-ops have headed. We are working hard to make our new space great again so stay tuned!! We are moving to the Pasternack building at 6851 W Colfax Ave., Lakewood.

May 30 - June 16: Andrea Gordon, Susan Hazaleus & Tracey Russell

Opening Reception: Friday, May 31, 5-9 pm


“Balls to the Wall...and octopus” is Andrea Gordon’s most recent body of ceramic and paper mache work exploring the experience of her vibrant, reticulating paintings in 3D. The ceramic balls vary in every aspect – size, clay body, surface treatment, firing method and mode of display. The form of an octopus was an accidental discovery as a perfect conduit for exploring 3D painting and surface treatments. Working in these varied mediums embraces the unknown and is completely open to the new, to failure, to learning, and to happy accidents.


Susan Hazaleus’ Electronic and digital artworks reflect childhood memories of sailing flimsy homemade boats in ditches, wading in squishy reed-filled ponds and watching sparkling water gush through irrigation division boxes.


Paintings by Tracey Russell

In the Annex - Scott Hawn

mohawk2 low res.jpg

I am captivated by natural and human forms, and the way that a sculpture can speak to us. My art is the process of taking the attributes of a natural or found object, distill and present the various aspects of each, revealing an unexpected beauty in a previously unseen way.

May 9 - May 26, 2019: Judy Horowitz & Lori Dresner

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 9, 2019, 5-8 pm


Judy Horowitz : Evolution of The Figure – A Retrospective

The human figure is an abstract, “people” bring a humanity to the concept of the “figure”. The styles in which the figures have been conveyed have varied. The show is a retrospective, the pieces range from the mid 70’s through to latest created in 2019.  The paintings have come full circle, the methods used to create have changed evolved and returned to the beginning. Show is hung in a chronological order.

The paintings always tell a story, “you just have to ask.” The paintings are about relationships, brief interactions with strangers and people on the street. They are “moments in time.”  

I consistently use oils, the medium provides a richness and integrity of color. There is a flexibility that provides countless possibilities in application.


Lori Dresner : Menangerie

Lori Dresner is a ceramic artist known for her sculpture and pottery. Her work explores our own fragility and the fragility of the world. Lori received a BFA in ceramics from The Rhode Island School of Design and MA in ceramics from the University of Michigan. Lori also holds an MFA in video arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and pursued a career in international advertising that took her to Paris, France for 20 years. Her travels and life experiences influence her art as she interprets the connection we share with nature, environment and family.

 Menagerie is a body of hand-built ceramics that revolve around playful characters interacting with each other in imagined settings. Lori uses porcelain to construct the asymmetrical vessels that become her blank canvas, providing a perfect medium for the balance of form and fiction. Her art of pure fantasy serves as a release of worry and tension in a troubled, uncertain world. Lori’s hope is that the creations bring a smile to your face, lighten your thoughts and help you not to take life too seriously.

April 25 - May 5, 2019: Susie Biehl & Terrilynn Moore

Opening Reception: Friday, April 26, 2019, 6-9 pm


Black In Color - Susie Biehl

BLACK... Absence of light and enveloped in darkness. The color black is power, fear, strength, elegance and emotion. It has a richness all it's own that is deep, mysterious, edgy and glamorous. 

Black is stylish, thought provoking, sophisticated, formal and prestigious. Black is associated with the unknown or negative, but also represents power and strength. Here it is used as the predominant color.

This is a collection of work created by integrating the textures, shapes and colors of recycled materials to form art that is imaginative, tactile and uniquely original.


Nappy Edges - Terrilynn Moore

Terrilynn Moore was born in Denver, Colorado in 1956. 

She was a Denver Police Officer for ten years and also worked in a mental health facility. 

Currently, Terrilynn is working on her ‘Nappy Edges—a multi-media, abstract exploration of being black in white American culture. The frustration, pain and chaos of living and working in a society that often degrades, humiliates, incarcerates and undervalues people of color.   The irony of her police background serves as fodder for her art. 

 Terrilynn received her BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Colorado Denver in May of 2017. In June of 2014 she was awarded the College of Art and Media Visual Arts Travel Scholarship.

 Terrilynn currently lives in Aurora, Colorado.

In the Annex - Ketty Devieux


Opening Reception: Friday, April 26, 2019, 6-9 pm

Lines, cloth, Thread, Knots… a destiny in the weaving!

We are weavers of our lives, each experience can be an important thread used by our consciousness to connect with one another and create our own essence. That’s why our intuition is guided by the thread of our soul.

I like to thing that the works of this series symbolize elements of my life tapestry.

March 28 - April 14, 2019

In the Main Gallery - Earl Chuvarsky & Donny Dixon

Closing Reception: April 12, 6-9 pm


Through exploring more traditional working methods while focusing on contemporary subjects in unexpected or unfamiliar situations - Chuvarsky’s paintings seek to document current events, the artists daily life, the absurdity of modern politics, and childhood nostalgia. All while examining the placement of the subject within the picture plane and the feeling it invokes.


Donny Dixon manipulates fire to explore powerful imagery of daydreams and nightmares. Drawing upon ideas and pictures that flicker just outside of consciousness, Dixon uses elements of fire such as smoke and ash to permanently sear these images onto his canvases. 

In the Annex - Kristen Wright


Opening Reception: Friday, March 29, 6-8 pm

"Paper Dreams" is a collection of dream-inspired illustrations made over 5 years. 

The stories of my dreams are vividly fantastical, and I use paper to illustrate the icons, figures, and scenes of my subconscious. Paper cutting and color choices are deliberate, and the transformation in form and meaning, from memory to paper shapes, is what inspires me to create.

March 7 - 24, 2019: Rochelle Dammel & Alissa Davies - "Cultivation"

Opening Reception - Friday, March 8, 6-9 pm
Professionals & Collectors Event - Friday, March 15, 5:30-9 pm
Sunday with the Artists - Sunday, March 24, 12:30-3 pm

A New Season High Res.jpg

Rochelle Dammel’s latest show at Core, Cultivation, shows her determination to stay in the moment while art making, and offers art lovers a pure look into her subconscious.  Dripping, swiping, and scraping acrylic and oil paint on wood and canvas gives her the freedom to explore textures, shapes and mark making that often tell stories.

As a writer and process painter, Rochelle Dammel is interested in telling the stories of her subconscious.  Cultivation is a compilation of her efforts to illustrate her underlying thoughts. Painting spontaneously allows colors, shapes, textures and mark making to channel through her into her art. 

By applying multiple layers to each piece, she cultivates visual stories.  Intuition and trust of skill are her guide as she adds layers and complexity to her art, inviting viewers to see their own version of the stories she paints.

Alissa Davies Cultivation Image.jpg

Having recently moved to Colorado, Alissa Davies’ current show examines the complexity of repositioning oneself in new environments, new communities, and new situations. The longing for the familiar home paired with the growth that comes from moving somewhere new, Cultivation conveys the myriad of feelings that occur with relocation.

Davies is interested in the ways that the art-making process reveals effective methods and tools for navigating the life-making process. The messages include and are not limited to: staying open to the unknown, staying with the ugly stages of a painting (and of life), being curious and exploratory, relishing in beauty and harmony, risking, and knowing when to stop.

Davies’ paintings emerge from an intuitive place, intermingling with knowledge of color theory, composition, and painting techniques. Each piece is generated spontaneously, taking cues from her inner world. As a painting progresses she is interested in the interplay of form and the harmony of colors, while staying true to the organic forming of shapes and textures. Play, experimentation, movement and curiosity guide her process.

In the Annex: Jean Smith & Annette Coleman “Positioned”

Artist Reception - Friday, March 8, 6-9 pm
Collector’s Evening - Friday, March 15, 5:30-p pm
Jewelry Trunk Show
Friday, March 22, 6-9 pm
Saturday, March 23, 12-5 pm
Sunday, March24, 12:30—3 pm
Last Look & Artist Talk, Sunday, March24, 1-2 pm


Jean Smith’s current work is based on the feel of the Mid-Century Modern decorating shapes and placement from the mid 60’s, and 70’s. Each wall composition can be an entity of its own or joined with others to create a larger design element. She uses clay, stains and glazes to create the 3-D components of the pieces.

Annette Coleman’s current interest deals with art in the public realm. This installation represents an idea that could be translated for a public space or your home. 

February 14 - March 3, 2019: Rita Bhasin, David Dunbar, Carrie Makenna, Sandy Marvin & Bev Ruiz

Opening Reception: Friday, February 15, 6 - 9 pm


Rita Bhasin

Rita Bhasin's paintings express the tactile, bold and colorful quality of her love for the outdoors, ancient cultures and natural materials. She brings to life the quotidian, letting us pause and experience the textures of each moment. 


David Dunbar

I am interested in making art that is borne of one single uninterrupted line which never crosses overs itself and has a clear beginning but a very inconspicuous ending.


Carrie MaKenna - Enter the Universal Circle

This interactive art installation and exhibit by artist Carrie MaKenna explores The Universal Circle through painting, sculpture and play. It’s a culmination of 30 years of interest, study, practice and teaching about the Circle as a unique Universal Pattern and Spiritual Resource.

The Circle is found at the center of many spiritual traditions including the Native American Indian Medicine Wheel, the Celtic Stone Circles, the Buddhist Tangkas and Hindu Mandalas among countless others. The Artist has also had a deep life-long interest in Space, the Solar System and the intricate cycles of the Sun, Earth and Moon that define our life on planet Earth.

 “We live moment to moment within the influence of The Universal Circle,” says MaKenna. “The Circle is a key form that surrounds and supports us here on Earth. Whether we are aware of it or not, The Universal Circle encompasses our daily lives. It is the basis of the Cycles of Time. We experience the Circle through the cycles of a minute, an hour, a day, month, year, decade, a lifetime. These are marked by the rotation and orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth.”


Sandy Marvin

Sandy Marvin is a contemporary realist painter who enjoys painting with pastel plus dashes of other media in the mix. She paints primarily from life; plein air or still life.


Bev Ruiz - Vivid

Capturing the essence of the beauty around me and the colors in moments of reflection.”

Bev Ruiz is a Colorado based artist who began painting with oil as a creative outlet.  Growing up in the Southwest and throughout her travels, her inspiration comes from observing what is not always noticed. 

Her art reflects the bold and vivid colors she sees in nature and everyday life.  Primarily a studio painter, she shares her artistic expression thru imaginative layers of bold colors, textures, and brush strokes. “I have to continually evolve each painting thru many layers to create the right sensation”. 

January 24 - February 10, 2019: Annual Member Show

Reception: Friday, January 25, 6:00 - 9:00 PM


Annual Member Show

Artwork by the membership of Core New Art Space will be on display for three weeks. Diverse, colorful and contemporary - The show will feature work by:

Susie Biehl
Gina Smith Caswell
Earl Chuvarsky
Rochelle Dammel
Alissa Davies
Donny Dixon
Sue Crosby Doyle
Lori Dresner
Linda Gleitz
Andrea Gordon
Susan Hazaleus
Rolf Helland
Judy Horowitz
Terrilynn Moore
Claudia Roulier
Tracey Russell

November 15 - December 2, 2018: Small Works Show

Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 6-9 pm


Small Is Dynamic!

The Small Works Show is honoring the concept of artwork in any media 12 inches or less in all dimensions.

Juried by Victoria Eubanks, who serves on the board of directors at the Arts Student League of Denver as well as a faculty member. Her work has been exhibited nationally and hangs in corporate collections.

Artwork selected represents various styles and mediums from national as well as international artists. 

October 26 - November 11, 2018: Claudia Roulier, Michelle Lamb & Rochelle Dammell

Opening Reception 10/26, 6-10 pm
Closing Reception 11/9, 6-9 pm

Michelle Lamb

Michelle Lamb

Claudia Roulier

Claudia Roulier

Night Circus - Claudia Roulier & Michelle Lamb

Come one, come all and experience a unique carousel of rusty elephants and horses, fortune tellers and toads. This multi-faceted dreamscape of attractions is the culmination of artworks by Claudia Roulier & Michelle Lamb.

Roulier’s work incorporates the curious, the odd, the intrigue, the magic and the enigma of the circus world. Returning to her earlier fascinations with the circus she weaves together dystopian shrines and sculptures with tapestries of found objects, lights, electronics, and various skeletal bits and pieces. Her paintings bring a perspective to the nostalgia of the circus memories from days past with it’s warm and sympathetic animal performers.

An industrial baroque carousel of clockworks and fortune teller fun, Lamb magically transforms common or obsolete objects into thought provoking marvels of assemblage. Deconstructed then reassembled, she highly manipulates parts and pieces so the metamorphosis is eerily seamless. Often literally turning things inside out, her story-filled oddities feature nature merging with machinery, metals meshed with clay, the grotesque magnified into beauty.


Artropism--growth through art, Rochelle Dammel

Can art makes us better human beings?

I’ve created a grouping of pieces that offer the opportunity to explore the idea of Artopism--the innate ability to emotionally react to art in a positive way, resulting in personal growth and a greater understanding of those around us. Like a sunflower turning towards the sun, or a seedling reaching for the sky, the goal is growth.

I use layers of drips, bright colors and thickly spread oil paint on canvas to create comparisons and discussion.  My preference is to paint large, to create a more thorough experience.

How can we grow as people through our innate reaction to, and interaction with art? Is it possible to achieve personal growth through self-reflection and discussion of what we find compelling, or even odd in art?

In the Annex - Woman’s Caucus for Art



The Colorado Chapter of the Woman’s Caucus for Art proudly sponsors the GREEN VERDE VERT Show Juried by Molly Casey, Co-founder and Studio Chief of Nine Dot Arts Consulting Business in Denver. The show received 126 entries from both women and men from across the United States. The artists were asked to interrupt the theme in a variety of ways from using the color green to addressing the ecological green, the political green, the monetary green, or the age of green. At the Opening Reception on Friday, October 26th, at 7 PM, Molly will present awards to the Best of Show and three Honorable Mentions and speak about her experience as the juror of this show. A documentation/catalog will be available for purchase featuring the accepted artists. For more information about the WCA/CO, please visit our website:

October 4 - 21, 2018: Gina Caswell, Tracey Russell & Lola Montejo



SUMMER SERIES - Gina Smith Caswell

A long time member of CORE New Art Space Gallery, Gina Smith Caswell works only in oil paints and enjoys exploring pattern, color and texture within her well known body of floral images. She also utilizes similar expressive techniques when exploring abstraction, water imagery, and portraiture. 


NUMINOSITY - Tracey Russell

My recent abstract expressionist work is based upon my perceived awareness of the natural environment. In my studio I’m trying to recapture the subtle mystery or “numinosity” of nature on a 2 dimensional piece of birch panel. I use many layers of oil paint, wax, graphite, oil stick, and pigment. By scratching a texture or expressive line into the medium with different tools, the layers are revealed!



It is as though there is a contrasting conversation I have in the studio, a back and forth between order and disorder. My practice is experimental. It involves a series of decisions that contain a history of creation and elimination.  Working with variety of techniques and approaches, I create strategies that I fallow and break. By challenging the way, the painting is constructed each layer caries or destroys prior ideas by cutting and fragmentation of previous gestures. The practice is a kind of choreography; a dance between spontaneous and learned behaviors. Both my conscious and unconscious are played out at different times. It is about knowing when to embrace expectations, rules, desire, and even fear, but knowing that it is equally as important to tell when to let them go. 

In the Annex - Gianni Coria


Opening Reception: October 5th,2018  6-9pm


Through my art work I try to bring the outside in by portraying plants and animals. I see my creations looking as if they have lived or grown somewhere, beautiful objects that pay tribute to the natural world. My goal is to inspire those who see my work, to look more carefully at the world around them to discover beauty in unusual places.

August 23 - September 9, 2018: Jude Barton & Brian Haley

Opening Reception:  August 24th, 7 – 10 PM 

Live Gypsy Jazz music featuring the Aaron Walker Trio


Meditation on the Square ~ Jude Barton

Jude Barton’s work explores the form and function of line, shape and space; creating a certain uncluttered calm and freedom within her structuring of fragmented and blurred iconic images. Her uninhibited wanderings towards creative vision and away from annihilation strive to bring reason and structure within chaos and clutter.

“There is an organic process of thought and intention within each line and shape – an interactive conversation that moves my mark making.” Barton’s blending of each element’s shadows and shades contain nuances of serenity and freedom, yet are quietly focused and ordered. Reception: Aug. 24th 7-10pm


Contemporary Wood & Steel ~ Brian Haley

Primarily exhibiting on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM, Brian Haley explores the synergies and contrasts between clean rolled steel and distressed wood, Haley works to assimilate the disparities between century old hand salvaged mine wood and mid-century modern design characteristics to create one of a kind tables, chairs, and wall art. 

In the Annex - Leslie Jorgensen


Hikes & Bikes

Opening Reception: Friday, August 24 6-9pm

Show runs Aug 23 - Sept 9

With Coloradans often ranked the most active in the nation, it’s no wonder so many of its residents are enjoying the Rocky Mountains in every way possible. We hike to amazing places to ski. We bike scenic byways and mountain trails. Simply put, we love our outdoors. Artist Leslie Jorgensen travels across the Rocky Mountains and the West skiing, hiking and biking along the way. She paints the landscapes she visits and our outdoor activities within it. Her landscapes are abstracted and playful. Join us as we close out the summer season with this fun show that runs through Sunday, Sept 9.


August 2 - 19, 2018: Donny Dixon & Earl Chuvarsky

Artist Reception: August 17, 6-9 pm


Donny Dixon: Chaos

Donny Dixon uses fire to create his art. This primal element gives the work a push-pull relationship of chaos versus control. This technique, combined with other mediums, creates rich and complex surfaces that contain both concrete and ethereal elements. It is here on these surfaces that he can build a stage to provoke response, and combat the overwhelming noise that fills our lives.


Earl  Chuvarsky:  Made in America

In what may very well be his last show with Core New Art Space at it’s current location Earl Chuvarsky presents his ongoing series “Made in America.” 

Born from the political maelstrom that has defined the last several years, Chuvarsky’s paintings seek to critique the continued divisiveness and disinformation of modern politics while examining the issues that define American culture, whether it be our insatiable appetite for consumerism or pop-culture rhetoric. By acknowledging and documenting the flaws, Chuvarsky hopes to shift focus to something uniquely American: optimism.

Chuvarsky quips: “I’m inviting everyone to take a moment, to pause Cardi B and stop taking selfies. Take the time and reflect on what you really want for the future- then go out there and actually do it.”

In the Annex - Melissa Van Deventer

Inside IMG_5291.JPG

Go with the Flow

Opening reception: Friday, 8/3:  5PM - 8PM

Emerging Artist Melissa Van Deventer, a Colorado Native and Graduate of the University of Colorado Fine Arts and Art History Department, is sharing her beautifully unique abstract pieces with us in her Go with the Flow Show starting August 2nd. Her love for paint in its purest form influenced her recent works involving various pouring and color mixing techniques, that create beautifully organic contemporary compositions and unveil a unique beauty in the eye of each beholder. Similar to a modern-day Rorschach Test – you’ll leave the Go with the Flow Show with a delightfully unique interpretation of the paint combinations you’ve seen. 

May 31 - June 17: Linda Gleitz & Andrea Gordon

Opening Reception, June 1, 6-10pm


Linda Gleitz presents “Social Structure” a multi-piece work consisting of 80 “buildings” about social justice on many different levels.  Linda calls it a “city” made of clay. The buildings average about 9 inches-ish. The buildings are full of people doing all of the nefarious and pleasant things that people do behind closed doors.  Linda will also show individual pieces that are part of her “army” of goddesses.  Their purpose is simply to bring compassion and beauty to our world.


Andrea Gordon’s collection of work called “What’s Next” is about embracing change and taking chances.  The varied works reflect Andrea’s exploration of abstract painting from the past 3 years. Trying to be free and open throughout, she created groups completely different from one another using different techniques or sources of inspiration. Moving onto larger works, Andrea pushes the boundaries of color and pattern, most notably a 6’x8’ mural made of 24 separate pieces – each standing on it’s own while being part of the whole.  Most recently, large scale paper-mache sculptures and ceramics incorporate her unique style.

In the Annex - University of Denver Students

Opening Reception, June 1, 6-10pm

"Within" is an exhibition of art created by University of Denver students in an experimental workshop taught by Professor Deborah Howard.  In the course personal expression was strongly encouraged and students were free to work in any media.  Students had their own studios in a large classroom that was a community where the exchange of ideas flourished.  

"Within" explores childhood, memory, cultural identity and the natural environment.  Media and subjects include: portraits in ois, photo transfers on fabric, sculptures made of toys and animated digital media.