Create a short narrative with the information – save it in a document for future posting on FB and Craigslist throughout the promotional time. Yes, all the information is on the link but it is a good hook to give some of the basic information and a friendly greeting. Say something nice about Core and the district. Make a copy of the image that you are using so you can upload it each time to craigslist

 Do 4 or 5 each day. Write down date that you posted/sent. Start list over again after about 3 weeks. Make sure you post the last week before the deadline plus maybe 3 times in between from the opening date to closing date.

Personal email list and personal art associations also posting it around your studios and other studios and galleries – everyone should do this.

Art advocates of Colorado

Visual Art Journaling Group, Colorado

Denver Art 

Colorado Artists Guild

 ADSF Art District Santa Fe

Louisville art association 321 caper wy art guild


LeftHand Artist Group

Calgary Guild of Needle and Fiber Arts 

Photographic art..... From RAW to Abstract 

email to:

  • Call for entries (subject line)

  • Exhibit Title (if applicable)

  • Gallery Name and Address

  • Deadline for entry

  • Opening and Closing Dates

  • Opening Reception Date and Time

  • link

 email to:

email to:

 Craigslist site for all cities select city from here. Keep this open in separate tab and right click to open new tabs for the cities where you want to post –

Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins – NorthEastern CO, High Mnt CO, Pueblo, Western Slope, Colorado Springs,
Santa Fe/Taos, Albuquerque, St. George Utah, Ann Arbor, Madison WI, Austin, Omaha, Chicago, Syracuse, Cleveland, Wyoming, Salt Lake, Houston, Calgary, Manhatten/NYC, Orange County CA, Dallas, Miami, Jacksonville, Europe – mainly capitals or big cities