Flora & Fauna Show - Call for Entries


Show Dates:  September 13 - 30, 2018

Entry Deadline: August 16, 2018

Flora and fauna is the world of living things. “Flora” designates plant life, and is also the Roman goddess of plants and flowers. In Roman mythology, Flora symbolized nature, flowers and fertility. Fauna was the Roman goddess of animals, wildlife, fertility and spring. Hence the word “Fauna” designates all animal life. What does Flora and Fauna mean in today’s world? How do you relate to nature in today’s technological environment?

CORE NEW ART SPACE invites artists in all mediums to interpret their definition of Flora and Fauna and is open to all. Entries must be submitted electronically by August 16, 2018 and accompanied by a $35.00 fee.

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Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3

NOTE: Please limit the actual size of your work to 4 x 4 feet in any direction (6 x 6 feet if you plan to hand deliver to the gallery yourself).

Entry Fee: $35.00 for up to 3 pieces

Juror: Regan Rosburg

Regan Rosburg is an artist and naturalist. Regan teaches Fine Arts and Foundations at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and Metro State University in Denver, Co. She is known for her carefully constructed, layered resin paintings, as well as her sensory-laden, emotionally evocative installations. A published writer and passionate speaker, Rosburg’s commitment to environmental causes is evident in her poignant artistic imagery, talks, and writing. Her first curated show was Axis Mundi,a massive exhibition on the topic of eco-psychology (2017 Denver Biennial of the Americas). She is represented by William Havu Gallery.

Judging the work will rely on overall impact, content, composition and mastery of techniques. Attention to creativity and craftsmanship is a very important part of this as well. When entering please list all the media used. Consider weight and the fragility of your media if you are mailing your entry.

Show dates: Setember 13 - 30 - July 29
Application end date: August 16
Notification of acceptance: August 23
All work MUST arrive at CORE: September 8
Artist reception: Friday, September 14, 6-9 

REQUIREMENTS: Art must be completely dry. Wall and suspended art must have suitable means for hanging. NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS. Standing art must be stable. Set-up diagram must accompany multiple pieces and installation art. All art must remain in place for the duration of the show.

SALES: CORE charges a 30% commission plus tax on art sold. CORE will collect the payment for the artist: however, the artist is responsible for terms of any sale. Your payment less the 30% commission will be rebated to your address within 45 days of the close of the show. Art need not be for sale.

LIABILITY: CORE will take all due precautions to protect premises and art. However, CORE is not responsible for loss due to damage, theft, vandalism, or accident. If work is fragile, it is submitted at the artist's own risk. Artist is responsible for his/her own insurance

SHIPPING/DROP-OFF: Artists are responsible for safely shipping their art, which must be received by September 8, 2018. COMPLETE SHIPPING DETAILS WILL BE EMAILED TO ACCEPTED APPLICANTS.

RETURN SHIPPING/PICK-UP: Any artwork delivered in person or shipped without reusable packaging material or without prepaid shipping label must be retrieved by the artist at the end of the exhibition unless sold. Art must be picked up by 4pm September 30, 2018. After 30 days, art will be considered abandoned. Abandoned artwork will be considered property of the gallery. Please ensure that we have good contact information for you so that we can avoid this situation.

CORE New Art Space, 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

CAFE URL - https://www.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=5071